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Writing Practice

What did you read at school?

I've had a thought today. I want to teach English (I'd rather classical civilisation, but they don't tend to do it outside of grammar schools here, and I'd rather teach comprehensive school students. It'll be harder, sure, but it fits better with the reasons I want to teach in the first place), and so I thought that I should probably start reading the books that students study at school to get a feel for them. I haven't touched that sort of thing since I left when I was sixteen (and I didn't properly read the book I was supposed to in my final year, either).

I remember, when I was at school, reading Of Mice and Men, Macbeth, and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Can any of you on my flist tell me what you read for school when you were aged 11-16?

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I remember Playing Beattie Bow, The Outsiders, and So Much to Tell You. The first two also had movies we had to watch.
My mother-in-law is a teacher at the local girls' grammar school, and she does English, history, home ec and law, so she's got all of the classics and then some!

I would seriously recommend getting into scoradh's journal - she reads a lot of books, especially classics, and writes up on them. Very insightful! Plus she has some great fics. I met her through the Prince of Tennis fandom, but she's more into bands at the moment.
Oh, thank you! I shall look into the books and films.

I've just taken a peek on that journal too - thanks for that recommendation - looks like it could be really helpful to me!